Keno's Animal Sanctuary Inc is a 501(c)(3) NON-PROFIT, NO-KILL, CAGELESS SHELTER/ SANCTUARY
Named in loving memory of my first rescue Keno. My little man was being abused and neglected so as a fifteen-year-old I followed my heart and rescued him from his abusers. As a 
result of his abuse, he suffered many health issues throughout his life. He was paralyzed from the hips down from age 9 to passing at 18. Many heartless vets had no answers but to put him down. I never gave up on Keno and he lived a beautiful life to the end. In his memory, we strive to help animals in abusive situations and abandonment and old age. 
Keno's Animal Rescue is a loving establishment offering sanctuary to those deemed unadoptable and hope to find homes for those that are adoptable. Keno's specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation, sanctuary, and placement of dogs, cats, reptiles, birds and other small mammals





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Oliver is a neutered male,utd with shots and a love muffin that is ready for a home he can call her own.



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Dog of the Week


Blu is about 4 years old and quite a handful. His owner could no longer care for him so he was brought to a rescue. He was way too hard to handle and his next stop was the vet for euthanasia so we took Blu into Keno's Animal Sanctuary where he will be safe and can stay until the right person comes along to give him a forever home. 

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