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Keno's Animal Sanctuary Is UNABLE to take OWNER SURRENDERED DOGS or CATS UNLESS they were adopted through Kenos. We are a sanctuary, not a rescue and we are not foster-based.
Sadly we can not take in the many requests we receive daily.

We specialize in dogs and cats that can not be adopted out. Please be advised that there is a waitlist and sanctuary fees.
Sanctuary fees for a cat start at $3,000 and we do not take kittens or adoptable cats and they must be tested for certain diseases before we can accept them

If a dog has aggression issues with people or other animals they will require their own private housing with a private run. That expense would be part of the sanctuary fee.
Every dog has a different requirement so the sanctuary fee varies.

If you would like to be on Keno's very long waitlist, please message Keno's on our Facebook page @
Be sure to include your contact number, your name, breed info, where you live and your Facebook page URL. when messaging us and someone will contact you.

As this process can take time, if you need immediate assistance please contact your local no-kill shelters, animal rescue groups and humane societies about their owner surrender policies.
Keno's Animal Sanctuary is not a public shelter and therefore not open to the public. We are a private sanctuary and all visitors must be approved and scheduled by appointment only. Once you have been approved you will be given our physical address. We do this for your safety and the safety of all Keno's residents.

​Keno's Animal Sanctuary Inc

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